Circle Of Woes

We must be reminded that everyone is his or her own judge and responsible for their own fate. We generate karma or dissolve them moment to moment by the activity of our action, thought and speech. Hold no one accountable for your woes, they are the fierce children of your own making.

Mankind are tormented by three major demons: the black pig, the green snake and the red cock, these form an unbroken circle of suffering. We forget earth is part of the spiritual worlds and such forgetfulness is monstrous indeed. Man is kept in ignorance because he worships the black pig, he is always found flicking the forked tongue of envy and hate; nothing satisfy him because he wears the cock crown of lust and greed.

Very few can deliver themselves from these three evils_ others are helpless. The traps of the three monsters are carefully hidden in the world of activity where the multitude are easily ensnared in it like the wasp in the snare of a spider. Hydras are not slain by severing the head, they only grow again with new vigor, the point of regeneration must be found and from there uprooted.

We are blind, dumb and deaf when we cannot perceive the Soul. We grope in ignorance and slavery while thinking we are free. The things we boast- of are not ours, when he who owns it demand them back_ they will be gone! Civilization rises and falls, it crack with the whizzing of arrows, clashes of swords, strikes from canons, bullets from guns, hits from missiles and total annihilation from atomic weapons.

Indeed ignorance is blindness, groping in the world unable to find the right path. Our modern lives depict a tree and a monkey springing from branch to branch; this symbolizes the prevailing mindset where people spring uncontrollable from object to object. We have lost the ability to know when we have enough and bring focus on the higher things of life.

The widow weeps uncontrollably for her departed husband_ if only she knew that companionships are fleeting and interest oppose each other_ will find succor from duality. You are born alone and will die alone. Think more about yourself the “Soul” while you live, so that when you arrive at your own inevitable departure there will be transition to regions of peace.

Obsession and addiction make up a huge part of our lives. We hunger for gratifications alone_ while we miss the central point of living which is finding liberation. Obsession and addiction hold the Soul earthward and it cannot find flight after death to happy regions. It then grope side by side with the living as a hungry ghost still craving for routine tasks, game of passions long after the time is past.

Earth plane is the symbol of liberation a place for questioning and curiosity. It is here that the good, evil and spiritually advanced live side by side. Many have fallen into the snare of the monsters that tempt with the dangling of passion. Such people seek to strive, consume, acquire and enjoy forgetting to balance all with the spiritual search thereby missing the opportunity for liberation.

A man find succor in a woman’s body and a woman find succor in the man’s arms. They embrace to share sensual perceptions which are struck by an arrow of fierce desire. The woman offer drink to the man and he drinks to satisfaction, intoxicated his emotions are stimulated to weird desire. He begins to have strange feelings to see what is hidden and in passionate throe eats from the forbidden tree.

Attachment builds up making the man forget himself in quest to please the woman. Vanity builds up making the woman forget herself in quest to please the man. Fear builds up making the offsprings forget themselves in quest to please both parent. When the long journey of striving, consumption, acquisition and enjoyment draws at an end they all tremble like the leaf in dread of the inevitable, having no clue what is next!

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