How many epiphanies did you experience this year as it draws to an end. Epiphany is a deep realization found in everyday chain of events. At the start of the year_ I did not know how to pen intricate ideas down until I saw a spider weaving a web of intricacy underneath a “Longifolia” tree. I got an epiphany and the symbol of the spider weaving become my writing totem.

Epiphany open new insight into common chain of events. Everything seem banal or commonplace until an epiphany shed new light. We take for granted so many things happening around us never experiencing such moments of “Eureka” because we move through life with low awareness. You only need an epiphany to find new purpose, drive and permanent motivation.

The internet we find productive today was birth through an epiphany, so did civilization and every march of progress. Epiphany is the key to new horizons and the degree of realization determine the clarity and effectiveness of your ideas. Innovation is all about finding new ways of doing things_ they start as “hunches” before growing into revolutionary changes.

We must be very alert to the natural world for it contains numerous epiphanies of life; a frog leaping into a pond may give us a decisive answer to long unanswered questions. The foundation for building skyscrapers came from a heavy book placed on a little birds cage in the drawing room of ‘William Le Barron’ by his wife. He got an epiphany that steel frame were needed to support mammoth structures as the bird cage seemed to reveal.

Without epiphany and series of pointers our lives cannot build up into a harmonious orchestration. Every human life has series of epiphanies that lead into destiny. When “Buckminster Fuller” ran out of luck in a chain of unfortunate events and was on the brink of committing suicide_ it was at that point he got his epiphany and a creative genius was born. Sometimes it takes being put at the end of the road before we can realize the handwriting on the wall.

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