Lady With The Blue Mantle

She has ever remained in the depth of my being. Lady of the twilight who opens the veil of morning light. Her garment decked with stars are also wrought with myriad colored jewels. More beautiful are her tender lips curved like the lightening that outspread the lonely hill.

I heard the gentle footsteps when she came, her eyes were filled with light when they rested upon me. The voice resounded the wisdom of every age upon the crest of the highest mountain.

I am held captive with the yearning for truth, and the lady of the twilight has ordered my station within the periphery of purity. She called me by a name_ but I knew it not; a name that has hunted my mind ever since it was uttered.

Light my world with your world filling light, eye- kissing light, heart- sweetening light. Let the light dance at the center of my being. I know this is nothing but love_ this golden light that dances upon the leaves, that flow through the clouds sailing across the sky; that passes with the breeze leaving it’s coolness upon my brow.

She showed me a star and in her words recounted: May it be light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out. Instead of a hard life you will find peace_ not of a worldly kind but peace that flow with light of each morning. Tempestuous are the passions but more stronger is the foundation; of all love prefer truth and you will never despair.

Copyright 2019 © Love of Wisdom Blog

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