There is absolutely no reason for being envious for there are and always will be more richer people, more beautiful people, more talented persons, more gifted persons, more accomplished persons, more powerful persons_ so you can sulk all you wish or work your way out of your perceived inferiority moving permanently out of the devilish grove of envy.

Envy is responsible for ruining relationships and many times the very cause of conflict. People deserve what they have and wherever they are in life_ don’t ever get this twisted, all that any person or nation has are well deserved. People wouldn’t experience loss because you wish it. Envy makes people think stupid and do stupid things in other to compensate for what they don’t have.

When envy drives you into doing something you have failed even before you start. When you want something because another person has it you are on the path to ruin. So many persons started an endeavor but came to total loss never suspecting envy was the foundation of such action and effect of the loss. If you aim to be rich, popular because someone else is same you have failed monstrously.

Envy is a subtle motivation that drives people to compete and compare themselves with others. Because someone has more money in their circumstance you feel your life as it is has no value unless the same with the other person. Because someone has more following and popularity you feel what you do counts for nothing_ such is defeat. It may hurt to see another persons good fortune when you don’t have it, but at such point put yourself to check.

Any hand that strike a malicious blow at another out of envy will be greatly injured. The mind that plots and pretends to be a friend when driven by envy will meet with difficulties in all areas of life. Envy will destroy you even when you intend to destroy others, your own damage will be irreparable. Everything in life comes with a price tag so be ready to pay the price for everything you desire and to enjoy them in peace.

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