Behind Suicide

There are people who believe taking their own life is the easy way out of the highly demanding field of conscious living. Life can be terrible there is no denial about that, people can also get themselves into serious trouble that life becomes unpleasant for them. When we put on our television set or go online we find people like us who are in life threatening situation of despair and hopelessness, we can only imagine their plight from afar.

No doubt dark episodes in life occur, and some experiences can be horrible that we cannot stand being alive anymore, we are better off finished. Such is the dilemma that thousands of people face daily around the world. Some are born into hellish zones and have watched all the loved ones die in horrible ways, should there be thoughts of suicide in such situation? There should be but we must all learn to forge on in spite of hellish events for death will offer no escape from earthly woes.

Humans due to our excessive greed, lust, vanity, attachments and anger we can end up creating hell experience for ourselves and others. Everything starts out as harmless until the indulgence become too strong and begin to create trouble. All troubles may not actually be self created, sometimes we just happen to find ourselves in a deep family, social or financial dung and we feel life has to be brought to an abrupt end. The foundation of suicidal thoughts are despair and hopelessness these two demons tempt us into attempting the worst.

We all have demons to conquer but so many people prefer alcohol, gamble, sex, keeping up with the Joneses, riches and fame to finding those weird forces that keep getting us into trouble. Those sinister inner forces follow us from rags to riches and from riches back to destruction. They help to make us look more fancier, putting on gold chains that symbolize great status; only after such terse episodes of dissipation, debauchery, gratification do they finally lure us into the emptiness of life and suggest suicide as an exit door.

Destruction and progress walk side by side, they are indeed weird lovers that hate each other but have no choice but to abide together. Progress offers so many snares that without discipline speeds one toward destruction. We have to be careful with advancement of any material sort because it can lead us towards the superficiality and emptiness of life. When next you hear someone saying “I have seen and done it all”, know that such is revealing a suicidal pattern. You can never be fed up with life or anything if you live by moderation.

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