Celestial Song

Purple and gold are the mountains and above them hang the wavy billow of golden fleece clouds. The light of all terrestrial things shine from the inner chamber of Soul.

Valleys are filled with mist and gloom when the arrow light beams speed sluggishly along their determined course. Winds laden with heavy scent of a thousand mile journey soothe the restless plants and seal down petals with it’s kiss.

The shadow of death is abroad in the lands; all is quiet save the shrill note of the night bird and the voices of innumerable insects. Behold the grandeur of the night heavens when the sky sparkle with innumerable gemstones.

Eyes are filled with awe and reverence at the majesty of the scene. All that the natural eyes have ever seen pale into insignificance before the sublime depth of numberless globes that burst upon the bewildered vision.

Who made those chariots of fire that circle forever around the infinite void of darkness. Ever on and on! From chaos to nebulae_ from nebulae to suns_ from suns to worlds.

Certainly a mighty sculptor shaped the well defined constellations. A mighty artist with the brush dipped in molten colors made the heavens shine with new lights.

A mighty musician gave to each star and sun it’s keynote and made the heavens vocal with a new song. In his universal mind chaos assume form, the lightening his plaything and all the mighty and subtle forces obey the mandate of his will.

One life in all and through all! One purpose_ that of the divine will pulsate in every atom making through all a most perfect undertone of harmony.

Purple and gold are the mountains as the cosmic shades settle over the earth. Peace, sweet peace, spread her wings over all lands and the questioning Spirit of man should ever take it’s upward flight.

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