Delusion: A Recourse To Everyday Madness

We all suffer from one form of delusion or the other, you may think you don’t and believe delusion is exhibited by only those with mental illness. If only you were what Dianetics call “the clear” then you must be aware of your areas of delusion and worked on them. Delusion is something people don’t readily accept they suffer from. It manifest as an idea, picture, behavior that does not have recourse to reality. There are delusions seen as normal because people accept and indulge them.

Human society is stiff due to some delusions we hold to be true such as “every man for himself or every nation for its citizens”. In the quest to justify such notion nations and people breach the rights and boundaries of neighbors and have no problem with it. There are people and countries who are out to get what they want at any cost because it is what they need to have; they never bother if others suffer as a result. Such deluded mindset is based on fear, people see their insecurities as tangible threats never suspecting it to be delusional thinking which can be solved through rationality.

Madness is not new we see it on different levels daily. Irrationality thrive in many areas and until we bring rationality into our lives we stand by an abyss. We take decisions without thought of the consequences, we accept beliefs without scrutiny and are quick to stand by and defend them. Delusion has deep root in the mind as we easily fall out of being in touch with reality. Rationality does not come naturally to us, practical awareness does not come easy, we must put in effort, train ourselves repeatedly until we begin to build strong patterns of reason.

There is great instability in the economy of the world due to the delusion of greed. When everyone thinks gain and play in such a way that others should incur the losses then we all have a problem. Human society is governed and directed by men, the gods have nothing to do with it, our traits and attitudes determine everything. The only way to harmony in human society is when each and everyone makes it a duty to first pursue rationality and practicality.

Another strange area of irrational thought and action is the grove of romantic love where people are ready to bury reason and practicality at the drop of a hat. Someone squanders or is duped of his or her life’s savings all in the name of love. During such spasmodic throes the rational part of the brain is overridden to detect flaws, inconsistencies and warnings before the worst occurs. To find happiness and direction in life one must be rational.

Human beings are very complex, a lot of factors govern our lives. Our mind is infinite and we cannot place where it actually begins or ends. It is in this vast region of mind that we must find the control switch or we wonder lost and confused. The control switch of the human mind is reason and logic. A mind devoid of both due to inertia is easily dominated by delusions. Everything interpreted by the senses are not what they seem to be, you must always doubt and go beyond first impressions because they are always almost inaccurate.

In human interaction it takes weeks, months even years to really know people not just instantly. Clouds up in the sky seem to be moving languidly to the eye but actually they are moving at lightning speed. Plants appear to be frozen and static but they are in a state of constant growth and movement. Rely less on what the eyes show or tell you and more on the voice of logic and reason. There are everyday occurrences that everyone seem to pass unnoticed but reason interprets and the eyes begin to see more than it sees. The world will remain the same until we learn to see it differently.

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