Is Marriage A Difficult Thing For Men?

To marry is not a difficult thing but to be a keeper of your wife, to lay down everything for the welfare of your wife is the difficult thing.

If the marital home is not at peace the husband is answerable. He tells the world that he is not a good leader, he is not loving and he is not a person of integrity.

The day a husband scourges his wife, the day a husband curses his wife, the day a husband refuses to feed his wife; that day marks the beginning of his calamity.

Some husband’s treat their wives spitefully, they go lengths to disgrace them whenever and wherever they like; they boast they can marry as many women as they like.

Tribulation, litigation, anxiety, unwelcome illness, losses, psychiatric problems are among the things any husband who does not love and causes distress to his wife is liable to suffer.

She is the lifetime cross that you have to carry until death separate you both. All truth, humility, longsuffering and patience should be employed when dealing with your wife.

She is the only person with whom you can share your body, she is the only one who has exclusive right to your nudity. When other women see your nudity you weaken your position.

Money does not show love in marriage. First ask yourself whether you will be able to stay by her side during sickness, want or misfortune.

Are you her father in tribulation? Are you her mother in pain? Are you her brother and sister when no one is around? Are you her all in all.

Disappointment come into a woman’s life when a man who is suppose to be provident in love and comfort chooses to deprive his wife because he prefers wine, hotel and outside women.

Why should you give your wife stone instead of bread? Why then should your wife knock and you refuse to admit her into the bowels of your love?

Why should you be stone hearted toward a weaker vessel? Why should you abandon her in poverty, sickness, accident and old age? Contemplate on these things.

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