Ocean Of Love

When we are tired with duality of good and evil, pleasure and pain, ignorance and knowledge; we will seek for … More

Attitude Is Everything

The attitude you move with through life determines the content of your experiences. Attitude has to do with the way … More

A Pure Heart

A pure heart is the gateway to happiness, a pure heart is the hidden door out of all suffering, a … More


We all have our duties the material and spiritual obligations. Life is not some random walk, some aimless journey where … More

The Hidden Dragon

Envy is a secretly held emotion. When envious it is unlikely to admit to anyone save those with homogeneous feelings. … More

Love And Hate

We live in a world of humanhood with love and hate, they both interchange in the working of any reality. … More

Sin Of Manipulation

The sin of manipulation is as old as the earth itself. This has been used and is still being used … More


Contemplation is the natural step after meditation, without contemplation we can hardly rise above our circumstances good or bad into … More

Cause And Effect

Foundation is most important in everyone’s life. The laid down foundation is what causes either great movement or standstill in … More